My name is Magda Bernard and I own Smudge My Art LLC.

I started my business roughly four years ago when the trend of “paint your own” canvases was hot and popular, so I had LOTS of competition. Which re-directed my vision for my business. But, how could I set myself apart?? Well, door hangers…….

I introduced the idea of door hangers around the holidays 3 years ago, stockings to be exact for the Junior Service League. Then that idea turned into another and another and eventually my family (husband and father in law) were sick of cutting wood for me so, I taught myself.This gave me more creative freedom to cut and design my own door hangers. Never did I think that, that idea would transpire to what it is today.


I not only host classes at my base CityArts Cooperative but I go to schools, churches, homes,etc. from Chipley to Destin for private parties. I have met some wonderful people from the community including squadron spouses from Tyndall and the Navy base.


The best part of my private parties are they can be turned into fundraisers and in doing so I have helped raise thousands of dollars within the community. I’ve been involved in the community with the Boys and Girls club of Bay County for 7 years having just ended my contract this month. Ending my contract will lead to new and exciting ventures for my business.

Smudge My Art has great rates and more importantly when holding classes or private parties I give full creative freedom to design the door hanger that each painter will LOVE and be proud of.


With 2016 I am introducing children’s classes including toddler Monday’s and Thursday’s with an after school time slot and homeschool time slot. As well as mommy/daddy/granny (family) and me canvas/door hanger classes once a month.  2016 is going to be an exciting year!